Site Remediation

Site RemediationWith it's construction services capabilities, E-21 not only plans and designs remediation systems, but self-performs installation of hydrocarbon plume remediation systems. E-21 has installed dozens of systems throughout the State of Colorado. These systems include groundwater dual-phase extraction, pump-and-treat, reinjection, air-sparging, soil-vapor-extraction, oxygenation, air stripping, hydrogen peroxide injection, and biological agent/ microbe infusion.   E-21 experience includes remediation of a remote  plane crash site on the banks of a stream in the Colorado mountains by hand shoveling and hauling out contaminated soil and water with an all-terrain vehicle.

E-21 also plans and executes dig-and-haul removal of petroleum-contaminated soils, with full site restoration.

E-21 strives to minimize impacts to ongoing store operations from remediation system intsallation activities.