Efficient and cost effective management of engineering projects is founded on sound experience, diligence, and regulatory compliance. Effective communications enhances efficiency and maintains the path to economical project completion. The organization of the E-21 team brings these principles to you, with clear lines of communication, specific goals and timetables for completion. You are kept informed of completion of project objectives, major developments, technical restraints and the changing regulatory environment. Changing regulations can affect project objectives, so we track regulation development to facilitate early adjustment to projects and to keep our objectives in line with new regulations.

Team selection is based on your requirements, our experience on both small and large scale environmental projects, and your schedule. The project manager and team professionals are held accountable for their work products and timeliness through periodic status reviews.

Our project management objectives:

  • Respond to your needs
  • Provide efficient project management
  • Define discrete work products, budgets, and schedules
  • Timely apply resources and skills
  • Be proactive, maintain communication and address your concerns
  • Identify problems and provide solutions prior to adverse project impacts
  • Estimate costs and evaluate alternatives
  • Maintain contact with the regulatory agencies and monitor changing regulations
  • Assure quality of work products through reviews by experienced senior professionals

E-21 Engineering, Inc. will provide an experienced project manager and a team of professionals to solve your problem efficiently, effectively, and economically. We are committed to providing you with the excellent professional services you demand while keeping overhead costs low.