Hydrogeologic Investigations

HydrogeologicE-21 personnel have conducted more than 1,000 hydrogeologic investigations.  Studies have been completed in association with petroleum spills, hazardous materials releases, water resources evaluations, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, underground storage tanks, and former and current process settling ponds. Sites have including sites contaminated with petroleum, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, PCBs, and herbicides/pesticides. Many of these projects were carried to remedial design or clean-up stage.

Clean-up and water resource investigations regularly include aquifer testing. These tests include monitoring well installations, hydraulic conductivity evaluation through simple K-tests and pump tests, in-situ testing of field parameters, and laboratory analyses. Data derived from aquifer analyses allow evaluation of groundwater quality, quantity, flow velocity, and flow patterns.

E-21 personnel also provide investigation, analyses, and permitting assistance for waste water ponds,  NPDES discharge permitting for oil and gas production fields, and post-closure clean-up site monitoring.